Farming Legal Services

We have a long-standing relationship with many local farmers and horticulturalists who we have been supporting for years.  Our partner, Mark Robinson, is from a multi-generational local farming family.  We are passionate about supporting our farmer and horticulturalists and have first-hand knowledge of farming, rural communities and the challenges they face.  Our aim is to provide knowledge and expertise that can protect, support and preserve a farming businesses unique character.  

Our solicitors recognise that our farming clients count on us to understand their issues and to provide commercially relevant legal solutions.  We work closely with our clients to understand and support their businesses, share their passion for farming and recognise its importance.  

Our range of legal services for farmers, horticulturalists and land owners include:-

  • Farm and land sales and purchases;
  • Farm Business Tenancies;
  • Farm cottage tenancies;
  • Business structures – limited companies, partnerships and joint ventures;
  • Contract farming;
  • Regulatory issues;
  • Access to land including rights of way;
  • Covenants and easements affecting land;
  • Boundary disputes;
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning;
  • Mobile phone masts;
  • Livery and grazing agreements;
  • Sporting rights

Our solicitors understand that farmers are busy people who work long hours.  If you require legal advice concerning your farm or agricultural business please contact us today.