Guide to Pets on Divorce

When a couple decide to go their separate ways, there can often be a dispute about where the family dog or cat might live.  It is natural that you might be worried about your pet’s future, here at Hodge Halsall Solicitors we understand how important pets are to you.

Legally, there is no specific legislation to deal with the question of where the pet might live.  Dogs and all other pets are considered as possessions only and whilst they are an asset of the marriage, there are no clear guidelines on what a judge may decide.  

Here at Hodge Halsall Solicitors we can help you negotiate an agreement in relation to the arrangements for the family pet.  This might be that the dog/cat shares his or her time between you in the future or that the animal lives predominantly with one party if that person has historically looked after the majority of pet’s day to day care.

In order to minimise the stress and expense of contested proceedings in relation to pets, we would also advise those contemplating marriage or civil partnership to address this issue of a pet’s living arrangements in a prenuptial agreement if it should be a concern.  Similarly, for those who are planning to cohabit we can put in place a cohabitation or lives with agreement on your behalf which addresses this issue.  We are able to offer prenuptial agreements and cohabitation/lives with agreements on a fixed fee service provided the overall assets are less than £500,000.  For those with assets which exceed this figure we can offer you a bespoke service on an hourly rate which is agreed with you at the outset of the case.

For more information about anything mentioned above or how to move forward, please call our family law solicitors who will explain the next steps.

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