Guide to Finances on Divorce

Here at Hodge Halsall Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in advising you on finances in relation to Divorce/Dissolution Proceedings.

We can offer you a bespoke service at an agreed hourly rate, which aims to provide you with the best possible outcome.  As members of Resolution, we approach negotiations in a non-confrontational manner.  We will be there for you at every step of the way.

If it is not possible to settle your case by negotiation or you have concerns such as your ex-partner not disclosing the full extent of their financial assets, it might be that a formal Court Application is issued to achieve a resolution of your case.  The Court has a broad discretion when making an Order and will address all issues, to include your respective income, capital and pension provision.  The welfare of any dependent children will always be a priority to the Court and the Judge when making a decision will look at all of the circumstances of the case.

Whether you reach a financial agreement by direct discussion, Solicitor negotiation or Court intervention, we can also assist you with the drafting of a Consent Order.  This is the document which ensures that you have a financial clean break from the other person and it will address all maintenance, property, lump sum payment and pension sharing Order claims on your behalf. 

The team at Hodge Halsall Solicitors are experienced in negotiating financial settlements from low to high value cases, to include representing well known sports personalities.   We have access to valuation experts, Accountants and Pension Actuaries to ensure that you achieve the best settlement possible. 

If you would like any further advice in relation to finances on Divorce/Dissolution, please contact one of our Solicitors who will be happy to talk through your options. 

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