Guide to Cohabitation Agreements

The Office for National Statistics records that cohabiting couple families are the second largest family type in the UK, representing 3.4 million families as at 2018.  Many people mistakenly believe that a ‘common law’ marriage generating automatic legal rights may exist if they have lived with another person for a set number of years or perhaps have children together.  This is not so and the status of common law marriage has not, in fact, existed in this Country since 1753.  

Here at Hodge Halsall Solicitors we can advise you on cohabitation or ‘living together’ agreements so that there is clarity in relation to ownership of your property in the event of future relationship breakdown and also clear agreed arrangements in place whilst you are living together.  

The type of issues this Agreement might include are as follows:

  1. Whether the equity in property is owned by one person or by the couple jointly.
  1. The circumstances which affect any such agreement.
  1. Finances, such as how the utility bills and the Mortgage will be paid.
  1. Who will be responsible for certain debts in the relationship.

We can offer a fixed fee service for the preparation of a Cohabitation/Lives With Agreement at a cost of £1,500 plus VAT if your assets are worth less than £500,000.  If your assets exceed this sum, we will be able to offer you a bespoke service on an agreed hourly rate.  

If you require any further assistance, please contact one of our Family Law Solicitors who will be glad to help you. 

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