Guide to Child Arrangements

At Hodge Halsall Solicitors, we understand the importance of children issues in a relationship breakdown.  We have significant experience in negotiating the best possible arrangements for children following a separation, to include issues such as financial provision and the time a child will spend with each person.

As members of Resolution, we adopt a non-confrontational approach to agreeing those arrangements and only if negotiations and mediation cannot achieve agreement with the other parent, would Court Proceedings need to follow.  

We can represent you in obtaining a variety of Orders.  These may include any of the following:

  • Child Arrangements Order – this type of Order specifies with whom a child lives and the time the child spends with the other parent.  These Orders were previously referred to as ‘Residence’ and ‘Contact’ Orders and historically ‘Custody’ and ‘Access’ Orders. 
  • Prohibited Steps Order – this type of Order prohibits the person with Parental Responsibility taking a particular step in respect of the care of the child which is not in the child’s best interest.  It may be appropriate to apply for such an Order, for instance if one parent wishes to relocate to either a different part of the Country or abroad, without the agreement of the other parent where this is not in the child’s best interests.
  • Specific Issues Order – this is where you may need the Court to intervene to decide a particular issue about the upbringing of a child.  It may, for instance, involve determining whether a child attends mainstream school or religious practices a child should follow.

We will always provide you with clear and constructive advice about your case and will offer you a bespoke service on an agreed hourly rate which will be confirmed with you at the beginning of your case. 

To discuss your requirements further please speak to a member of our Family Law team today.

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